What is Thrive Therapy?

Thrive Therapy and Consulting Services is a specialised occupational therapy and mental health service for children in Perth. We cater to children and teenagers adged 1-17. We provide: occupational therapy assessment and treatment; mental health treatment and counselling;  staff development workshops; school visits and group therapy programs. Our aim is to help children reach their full potential. We believe that every child and parent deserves to thrive!

Thrive Key Focus Areas

Why choose Thrive?

We aim to empower parents and professionals to be the child’s best advocate by involving them in the therapy process as much as possible.

We look at the child holistically and can offer occupational therapy in the areas of mental health and wellbeing, developmental skills such as fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, visual perceptual skills, handwriting (including specal provisions for examinations),  independence, self-organisation, academic and life skills.