About Us

Portrait of Kate Haliczenko

I am the founder of Thrive Therapy and Consulting Services. I am an occupational therapist with over 10 years’ experience working in a variety of paediatric settings. I am extremely passionate about helping children Thrive!

Thrive was founded in response to a growing need for a service that stands out. A service that doesn’t separate the parent from the expert but believes that the PARENT is the expert in THEIR child’s life.

I am also a mum to a gorgeous, active 4.5-year-old son who has taught me more than any degree ever has! Parenting in a modern world is a daunting job. Parents have more access to information and services than ever before: yet can feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Having a child of my own has opened my eyes to what parents really want.

The answer: To be to be empowered! So many services are good at identifying what is wrong with the child and establishing the need for ongoing therapy. The feedback I get from parents and teachers is: where to from here? Show me what I can do to help this child?

Thrive will do just that. We focus on strategies that work and provide easy to follow activities for parents to do at home. We believe that while ongoing therapy can absolutely help a child overcome their problems; it is parents and teachers who ultimately have the greatest impact!

Kate Haliczenko

Our vision:
To provide a stand-out service where parents and children are truly  heard, seen and valued.

Our mission

  • To teach self-compassion, acceptance and tolerance for all, regardless of differing ability, neuro-diversity or pathology;
  • To empower parents to understand themselves and their children better;
  • To help children build the skills needed to learn, look after themselves, play and make friends;
  • To help children and families lead a full, meaningful life;
  • To teach parents practical tools they can use to help their children thrive!