OT – Child Development Assessment

We provide assessments of your child or student’s developmental skills to develop a program to help them achieve their full potential. Out OT’s are qualified to use a range of non-standardised and standardised assessments to ascertain your child’s areas of strength and areas that they need support. The areas we focus on look at the child holistically and include:

Happy child messy play

Sensory processing

This how your child makes sense of the sense of the senses. We can help determine if how your child processes sensory information is impacting on their capacity to pay attention, play effectively, behave appropriately and interact with others. This includes assessment of their visual perceptual skills essential for the development of literacy.

Fine motor skills and Handwriting

This is your child’s ability to use the small muscles of the hand to perform everyday activities like shoelaces, buttons, picking things up, drawing, colouring, cutting and handwriting.

Movement skills

This is your child’s ability to use the larger muscles of the body to walk, run, hop, catch, throw and kick a ball. It also refers to the strength and endurance.

Play and social skills

This is your child’s ability to play whether it be solitary, with another child or in a group. We focus on developing problem-solving skills, creativity, social skills and patience.

Self-regulation and mindfulness

This is your child’s ability to understand their emotions, their level of alertness and ways to express their emotions. We help children develop a toolbox of strategies to self-regulate. We teach children coping skills that build resilience.