OT – Individual Therapy

Individual therapy

Individual sessions focus on addressing the goals outlined in the assessment and based on thorough consultation with parents.

The focus of the session will depend on the area/s identified as areas of need. Sessions are usually recommended as a 6, 8 or 10-week block depending on the child’s needs

Thrive takes a parent empowerment approach where sessions focus on not just the child but give the parent practical ways to support their child’s development on an ongoing basis. Sessions can occur at the clinic in Gosnells or home visits can be arranged on request.

Individual consultation

On the first meeting, the OT will have a thorough interview with the parent/s or primary caregivers to ascertain the issues and areas of need. Following the child assessment, consultations are offered to explain the outcome of the assessment (highlighting the child’s strengths and areas that require support) and the therapist’s recommendations to best help the child.

Home programs

Home programs are offered at the end of therapy when the child’s goals have been met or in the case where a parent would prefer to do the sessions at home themselves. The OT will provide a thorough parent consultation and recommended a program of 6, 10 or 12 weeks depending on the child’s needs.

Group therapy

Thrive offers group therapy sessions for up to 4 children in the areas of Handwriting, school readiness. Social skills and Fine Motor skills.

Other parents services

 Family-focused therapy
 School Programs (Partnerships & Workshops)