Resilient Kids (8-11)

Do you want to help your child build confidence, manage anxiety and make some friends?

Starting a new school year can be overwhelming for our tweens and we have designed a 5 – week course that aims to teach your child skills to be more resilient!

This group will focus on helping your child to overcome anxiety and build resilience by:

  • Learning to manage our emotions
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Understanding stress and what triggers us
  • How to manage stress
  • Combating bullying (assertive communication)
  • Making and keeping friends
  • A growth mindset (learning from our mistakes)

Upcoming times and dates: Every Tuesday at 4-5.30 pm from  12th March until 9th April 2019 (5 sessions)

Costs: $85 per session. If all 5 sessions are paid for upfront, course is $360 (this works out to only  $72.25 per class!- that’s a 15% saving). We can use NDIS self managed plans, private health and GP care plans. If a whole course is payed for, we can invoice you weekly for private health claiming yourself. If sessions are paid for weekly, we can claim for you on the spot.