Consultancy Services

  • Professional development workshops on a variety of topics that can be run in large or small groups. Workshop topics include: self-regulation, resilience, play skills, developmental milestones, motor skills, making sense of the senses (see Workshops page).
  • Senior therapists only with more than ten years of experience.
  • In-class demonstration of programs such as “How to teach self- regulation” using evidence-based programs such as the “zones of regulation” and the “Alert Program”.
  • Capacity building with teachers one on one or in small groups to discuss specific needs of students and implement practical strategies that fit within a class schedule.
  • Classroom observation and recommendations to better cater for children with issues such as poor attention, handwriting difficulties, visual processing deficits.
  • Assisting teachers to develop Individualised Education Plans (IEP’s) for children having difficulties.
  • Case management of students and their families with complex needs (referral to other services as required e.g. Speech therapy services, publicly funded programs, Dyslexia SPELD foundation etc.).
  • We offer sensory, fine motor and movement group programs within or out of school hours (see our Groups services)

Our “Wild Child” Movement Program focuses on nature-based motor skills; letting children move naturally incorporating crawling, jumping, running, climbing, taking calculated risks, rough housing, problem-solving and exploring in a safe, supervised space!