Workshops for Professionals

Professional workshops are conducted as small or large groups of teachers. The topics currently offered include:

Making Sense of the Senses

Explains sensory processing (SP) and the effects of SP difficulties in the classroom. Gives teachers and staff a toolbox of strategies to use at the end of the workshops. From helping children stay focused, to dealing with sensory defensiveness, coordination problems and helping those children who just can’t seem to sit still.

Stimulating Fine Motor Development

Explores how to encourage children aged 0- 8 to engage in fine motor activities to promote hand strength, bilateral skills (the coordinated use of both sides of the body), finger isolation and precision. Participants will leave with a toolbox of suitable activities that will appeal to their students.

Encouraging Handwriting Development

Explains the development of the pencil grasp, why functional grasp is more important than the “perfect” grasp, and the causes of handwriting difficulties. Including motor skills deficits, hypermobility (joint laxity), upper limb weakness, hand dominance confusion, visual perceptual deficits and working memory issues. Explores what to do to encourage correct letter formations, sizing and placement.

Fundamental Movement Skills

This workshop outlines the development of fundamental movement skills and the impacts for children having difficulties in this area. Participants will leave the workshop with a toolbox of strategies to help them identify those children with difficulties, and age appropriate activities to encourage gross motor development.

Developing Core Strength (Postural Control)

Postural Control has impacts across how a child can sustain sitting posture, their capacity to play, perform fine motor tasks,maintain independence (dressing, toileting), use effective eye-hand coordination and write. Participants will leave with greater knowledge of the systems that encourage PC development as well as risk factors to look out for in the classroom (red flags) and ways to support their student’s development.

Workshops for Parents

Parent workshops are offered in groups of 5-30 on a variety of topics. Workshops can be held at Thrive in Gosnells, at your child’s school or local parent child centre. Enquire today if you would like to attend a workshop or would like Thrive to host a workshop in your community. The topics currently offered include:

Raising Calm and Connected Children

This workshop explains self-regulation and how it applies to everyday life.
It explores ways to help you as a parent adjust and control your own energy levels, emotions and attention as well as support your children to do the same.

Learn to Play Workshop

This workshop explores the types of play and normal play development. It gives parents some practical tools on ways you can encourage your children’s imagination and interaction with the world. It will explore ways to help you connect with your inner child; and give you a chance to play and see the world through your child’s eyes!

Getting your Child Ready for School

This workshop explains normal development for a 3-4-year-old child, as well as red flags (when something is wrong) and what to do about it! It will equip you with knowledge around what to expect in the Kindy and Pre-Primary years and ways to get your child ready for their first experience of “big School”. E.g. following routines, listening, boundary setting, encouraging creativity, taking turns, and organising themselves.

Ages and Stages Workshop

This workshop explains normal developmental milestones for children aged 0-8. It also talks about red flags- to help you know when your child is not developing in an area and what to do about it. You will leave with a toolbox of great activities for children that can be done easily at home with little fuss!

Hands on Fine Motor Skills Workshop

This workshop focuses on ability not disability. It is interactive and hands on in that it gets parents doing the recommended activities. It uses low budget resources and everyday household items to show you that you don’t need expensive “fine motor tools” to get your children using their hands!

Let’s Get Moving Workshop

This workshop focuses on the development of fundamental movement skills through the ages. It will equip parents with knowledge of what to do if there is an issue (e.g. coordination issues, sensory processing, balance issues, low muscle tone etc.) and explore practical ways to get your child moving at home or the local park. It is interactive so be prepared to get moving!

Managing Sensations

If your child shows any of the following signs- they may be having trouble making sense of their senses. This workshop is for you! Does your child:

  • Struggle to concentrate?
  • Have trouble sitting still?
  • Have “meltdowns” that seem to come out of nowhere?
  • Avoid playground equipment?
  • Withdraw from making friends?
  • Get overwhelmed in noisy environments?
  • Doesn’t seem to hear you when you call his or her name?
  • Take excessive risks?

This workshop focuses on teaching you how you can help your child learn, improve their attention and their emotional regulation. You will leave the workshop with a toolbox of strategies that you can use with your child to help them – and you!- be the best version of themselves. What’s all the fuss about sensory processing? Sensory processing is a term used to describe how we respond to: what we see, hear, smell, taste, touch and how we move. It affects out capacity to pay attention, learn, regulate our emotions and build relationships.