What To Expect?


Information Gathering/Assessment

You will first speak with our principal occupational therapist to help establish if we are the right service for you. You will be asked to complete a parent questionnaire. Your OT may also liaise with the people who know your child best (with your consent), including their teacher and any other health professionals involved in their care.
Your child’s initial assessment will measure their underlying capacities (such as motor skills, cognitive capacity and sensory processing) that are impacting on their performance in the classroom or at home.  Your therapist will select formal assessments and observations tailored to your child’s needs.
You can opt to have a summary report or comprehensive report that outlines your child’s strengths, their difficulties including strategies that you can follow to help them overcome their challenges.


Parent Consultation

We believe the most important part of therapy is empowering you: the parent! Following the assessment, we recommend a consultation with our principal occupational therapist to help you understand HOW to help your child as well as develop goals for therapy.
You will then be assigned the most suitable therapist for you and your child.



Thrive therapists work to assist your child to achieve their potential in life. This may be clinic based individual or group therapy; or school/ home-based therapy. You may prefer a home program that you can do with your child at home.



Evaluating your child’s progress is an ongoing process for therapists at Thrive. This includes matching therapy to your child’s learning style and ongoing communication with all people involved in your child’s care and education to ensure they are achieving their goals.